Our Company

AMA TECH is a software  company specializing in web design and host, applications development and networks. Our development offices in London UK and Houston USA
AMA TECH founded  in 1998 by a talented programmers and information technology professionals. Since then, we have built enterprise software and multi platform applications that helped our clients better engage their customers and scale their business.

AMA TECH owns a hosting platform in London UK, the platform connected to tier one service providers and successfully host thousands of web applications and domains for diverse type of companies, leading and high profile organizations and individual in the world.

Find out why we’ve been in business for two decades


Founded as a small computer bureau in Baghdad, working on graphic design to produce many business stuff like logos, posters, flyers, cards, brochure and many theses, also working on computer supplying and networking 

August 1998
July 2003

Websites Hosting & Design

Keeping up with the most modern ways in producing information technology on the internet represented by websites hosting and design, also doing many custom applications with the franchise from english ATA Software Co.

Website Builder App

Finished of the first website content management system and released to market to achieve hundreds of sales in the first year. In 2015 released new version of this website builder in another name called AMAcms

January 2009
August 2018

School Management System

Start developing a new web and mobile system specialized in the management of schools SMS, and is expected to be launched during the next school season